My New Gamestar Mechanic Game

I have made this new Gamestar Mechanic Game.  Mainly to try out the sign which I just unlocked.  But I also wanted to try an idea which I thought of.  But telling you would wreck the game.  So just play and find out for yourself…

My Edublogs Award Nomination

Who is my nomination? Well, the category this nomination falls under is Best Mobile App. The developer of the app is Connect Technology Co. Ltd. The app is (insert drum roll here) Free Video Downloader!

Why you may ask. This app let’s you download videos from nearly any website and watch them whenever you want! This means no more waiting around for videos to download to your iDevice. And it is the most simple app to use as its kind. Just start watching the video, and it will ask you if you would like to download it.

So if you want to see more about this app, or get it on your iPad, iPhone or iPod, visit this link: Free Video Downloader – iTunes

Sphax PocketBDCraft Texture Pack

Note: Read all of this post before you do anything else!

What is Sphax PocketBDCraft? Well, it’s a Texture Pack for Minecraft Pocket Edition. It is the only one of it’s type I know about. So here’s how to get it.

Step 1: Visit iExplorer to download and install iExplorer. This is what you will you will use to copy the texture pack files from Computer to iDevice.

Step 2: Visit Sphax Download to download the texture pack file. I can assure you that I downloaded twice from the same developer and had no issue, same with iExplorer. (Remember to save the files to somewhere with easy access. i.e. Your desktop.

Step 3: Open iExplorer and connect your iDevice via USB cable. Open “com.mojang.minecraftpe”, and then on to the “” folder.

Step 4: Drag all files that are inside the PocketBDCraft folder into this folder. Click “OK” for any pop-ups you get asking you if you would like to replace resources.

Step 5: Safely disconnect your iDevice and you can play Minecraft Pocket Edition withe the Sphax PocketBDCraft texture pack installed! Yay!

I recommend installing this when you do not have any precious world saves. If something goes wrong, to reset settings you will need to re-install the app. Or save the files and folders before replacing them in the “” folder.

P.S. If this guide is incorrect in any way please contact me below in the comments. It has been a little while since I did this myself, and Minecraft PE has updated and added new content since then. I am unsure if the app is up to date with all items and blocks.

An Awesome Performance

This is a performance on New Zealand’s Got Talent by JGeeks.  They are a Maori dance group who intertwine Maori with modern dance.  I think this performance is cool because of how they added great dance skill and Maori together, with a bit of humour as well.  When I first saw this performance on TV, it made me pick up my phone and vote for them.  And for me, that is what wins you a competition like New Zealand’s Got Talent. Enjoy…

I’m Starting Videos Again!

Yes you read the title right, it isn’t a post about a game!  (Technically)  Yay!  Not just for you, but I thought of something to write about that isn’t game related.  But anyway, back to the topic.

What sort of videos?

I’m glad you asked.  A new Lego Ninjago stop motion is in the planning.  I am unsure when it will be finished, but I have better resources to make them, including a Lego Stud Board, so it won’t be to long.  I will also be resuming Transformers Reviews.  Starting with my Transformers Prime figures and moving to the DOTM figures.  The first video won’t be far away, as I will be editing these straight from my iPad.

Anything New?

Yes, as a matter of fact.  I will be using the screenshot feature on the iPad to experiment making Game Tutorials.  I am unsure how these will work out, but it’s worth a shot.  Also I will be doing World of Tanks Tank Spotlights, as that is my new favourite game.  It will give me a chance to use the voice over feature in iMovie.

So stay tuned, because lots of exiting new content will be coming to my You-Tube channel very soon.  And as always, comment below to give me feedback on current videos, and what you would like to see.

World of Tanks

World of Tanks is a game based on WW2 Armoured Warfare.  It is a 13+ multi player game, that I only recommend to boys.  Why?  I can’t imagine girls driving round in a Panzer 3, or launching rockets in a T57.  But it’s right up my ally.  I love this game, dare I say it more than Minecraft.

One of my favourite parts of this game is the graphics.  It looks so realistic, from tanks that are on fire to driving through buildings.  It also has plenty of different locations, from a desert airbase to a suburban city.  What also made it better was the last update – the physics update.  Now you can drive of cliffs and fall front first down, instead of right way up.  Also the amount of options for customizing your screen layout makes playing the game as easy as possible.

Another feature of this game is the game style.  It isn’t just like the hunger games, every man for himself.  There is 2 teams, with a mix of all countries tanks.  For instance, I fight in a German Panzer 3/4 alongside my friend in a American M4A3E8 Sherman.  (If you aren’t into tanks I don’t expect you to get that.)  Also, there is differant game styles:

  • Destroy All Enemy Tanks or Capture Enemy Base.
  • Capture the Neutral Base before the Enemy does.
  • Destroy All Enemy Tanks before they Overrun Your Base.
  • Capture the Enemies’ Base without Your Entire Team’s Tanks being destroyed.

One thing that makes this game better is it requires Teamwork.  Your team won’t win if you go off in 15 different directions by yourself.  A tip is to form groups of 5 or 6 and take different parts of the map together.  That is how my yteam normally wins.

Another great feature of this game is platooning.  This is where you and a friend (two friends if you have a premium account) can work together in a game.  I find this handy of your friend is trying to teach you to play the game, and you both want to use a computer.

So if you are 13 or older, you love tanks and are a team player, GO GET THIS FREE GAME RIGHT NOW!  The only downside is the install. It needs to download over 3600mb of files, that make up the files of World of Tanks. It does take a few hours,  but is totally worth it.

Tekkit – An Awesome Minecraft Modpack

Warning:  Only Minecraft users will have a chance at understanding this post.  🙂

For those of you who are bored of regular Minecraft, and want a step up, Tekkit is the way to go!  Tekkit is one of many mod packs in Technic Pack.  It adds things like Computers, Nuclear Generators, Solar Panels, Quarries, Steam Engines, Chainsaws and even a Mining Droid! I enjoy it because it is a lot more complicated than normal Minecraft. There is so many crafting recipes it’s just INSANE! Just as a measure, normal Too Many Items takes 6 pages on my computer to show all items, on Tekkit it takes over 50!

The Mods In Tekkit:

    • Forge API
    • Industrial Craft 2
    • Red Power
    • Build Craft
    • Equivalent Exchange 2
    • Railcraft
    • Computer Craft
    • Balkons Weapons Mod
    • Ender Storage
    • Immibis Core/Tube Stuff/Dimensional Anchors
    • Iron Chests
    • Nether Ores
    • Wireless Redstone Chicken Bones Edition
    • Not Enough Items (NEI)
    • Power Converters
    • MAtmos
    • Rei’s Minimap
    • Inventory Tweaks

Also I think Tekkit is good for this reason: Getting Technic Launcher means you get multiple Minecrafts in one Launcher.  You get: Tekkit, Technic, Yogbox, Hack/Mine Voxel Modpack and Vanilla (regular) Minecraft.

I use tekkit, mainly to make large factories, on creative and survival.  I am currently working on a factory building that produces rubber, and soon Low Voltage  Solar Panels.  I can’t wait to finish it because I can power all sorts of things with them.  I also built, but it took a long time, a flying ring, a jetpack, and multiple machines,

But tekkit never let’s things go to waste.  To change items you can use EMC, which most vanilla items have, and the Equivalent Exchange mod provides.  It let’s you use transmutation tablets or energy condensers and you can change one items into another.  But you need 8192 cobblestone to make one diamond, unlike in the first Equivalent Exchange.  But another mod adds Recyclers   They are expensive to make but make anything into scrap, and in turn can be made into scrap boxes.  These can be thrown on the ground to reveal a mystery item.  It can be anything from cobblestone to a gold sword!

So conclusion, for Minecraft players that want a step up, Tekkit is the way to go.  For a look into tekkit, with a bit of humour, check out the Yogscast’s Tekkit Series.  By BlueXephos.  (This is the first of many episodes.)

I Am The River Lyric Video

I was bored during the holidays, who hasn’t been at some stage? Also earlier, I was watching a lyric video to Chasing the Sun by The Wanted. So I thought I would make my own. I thought about what song to do, and how. I thought of doing I am the River because I could use it when I’m on prayer in class. I decided to use Pinnacle Studio because I found some cool slides, the ones used in the video. It all came together to create the video you see below.

Ski/Snowboard Camp

Hooray! Ski and Snowboard Camp had finally arrived, and everyone was looking forward to it, and it certainly lived up to our expectations. Now I’m sure you all know I already know how to snowboard, but everyone else, well they fell over a few times before they got the hang of it. But anyway, let’s start from the beginning.

We got to school at 7:45 in the morning and we left at 8:00. All we did before we left was pack the cars and check everybody was there. Then we embarked on a 3 hour journey from Kapiti to Taihape. It wasn’t scheduled, but we might have made a stop to get Hot Chocolate near Bulls. The drive really didn’t seem that long because we watched Transformers 3 on the small DVD player in the back of the car. When we arrived in Taihape, we found our group pretty easily. We had stopped by the train station, and a grassy area (where we found a soccer ball). So we had a kick around and went around the block to waste some time before the others arrived.

The next leg of our journey was a short one, maybe 45 minutes, from Taihape to Tangiwai. Tangiwai is where on of New Zealand’s biggest rail accidents in history happened. Information can be found here. Also at the time, it was the 8th worst rail tragedy in the whole world ever. We stopped to have a minutes silence, and pay our tributes to the 151 deaths. But we couldn’t stay there forever, we had a schedule to keep, so off to Ohakune!

We arrived in Ohakune for lunch, and to get changed before our snow fight later on the mountain. (Turoa, Mt Ruapehu). We had our packed lunch, and got ready. We were all really exited to finally stretch our legs, and about going to play in the snow because a lot of people hadn’t been in snow before. So I got changed into all my snowboarding gear, including boots, that aren’t as comfortable as slippers! But when we got up the mountain it was all worth it. But I didn’t go with the others for a sled and a snow fight. My Dad had tagged along, so I went with him up the mountain, for a quick run. We came down, if you can see where from a map earlier in my blog, from the top of the Giant Chairlift. But when we got down, everybody else wasn’t ready to go. No, they were sledding right down the mountain! But that was good, because that gave me enough time to go to the top of the High Noon Express. AKA the very top of the mountain. Why? Because I like going down experienced trails and down really steep slopes. But then the fun ended – for now….

After a quick re group in Ohakune, we headed off to National Park. Our accommodation was there, a good location, a short drive away from the ski field. When we arrived there, we all sat down in the main couch area, and cabin by cabin, we went off. After we put all our stuff away and sorted I sorted all my Snowboarding gear into a pile, we went to the main area to find others had got a somewhat unruly game of table tennis going. Luckily, Mr Terita came to the rescue, refereeing and giving tips, and eventually we got a fair game going.

Later that evening, after dinner, some of us watched the older version of the movie The Karate Kid. But we only got to watch the first half, because it was getting late and we had to go to bed. I think everyone had a good sleep, barring a few sleep talkers.

In the morning we had a choice for our breakfast. I had some Cornflakes, but we also had a choice of Porridge, Weet-Bix, and Rices. And before long, it was time to head up the mountain. When we arrived, my Dad and I headed up the mountain, because we allready knew how to Ski/Snowboard so Happy Valley (The Beginners Area) was a bit easy for us. We went up the Rockgarden Chair, and then headed up the Waterfall Express Chair. (I think that is where most of you went up for a sight see) From here I think we went up the Waterfall T Bar, (A giant T thing that drags you up the hill) then we somehow ended up at the bottom of the West Ridge Chair. We went top to bottom of this charlift a couple of times, and then started heading down. But this was a bit more complecated than you think. We had to go across this annoying ridge that was flat so I couldn’t gain any speed. But eventually we made it passed this track and started to go up the Waterfall T Bar, to gain easy access to the main track down. But halfway up this, someone lost thier balance infront of me, falling off and in turn wiping me out. But my leg stayed hooked on, and I got dragged a few metres, before finally getting my leg unhooked. But after this, I caught up with my Dad and we made it down the mountain without further incident.

After a quick lunch, I stayed with my friends who were free from lessons, and had a look at how they were doing. Fast was the answer. They were flying down the mountain (well, as fast as you can go in a beginners area) and looking pretty confident. I just went down with them for the remainder of the day, which went all too fast. We got to stay a little longer though, because some others went up for a sight see, up the Waterfall Express Chairlift. This is quite high up the mountain, so we were able to fit in a few more runs. But eventually, they came back and we went back to our accommodation.

After a trip to the Turangi Hot Pools, and some scrumptious Burgers for dinner, it was time for bed. Everyone I’m sure fell asleep faster than usual, because of the long day and the time. I don’t know what it was, but it was really late.

After a slightly rushed morning of tidying and packing, we headed for Waiouru. After a short drive in the car, a little lunch and a little run around, we went inside the Army Museum. The guide we had was really funny. He made even explaining the rules fun! But we learnt a lot as well. Like how the army likes driving Toyota Hilux around. Also we learnt some war related facts too. For instance, 90%of the time in a war is waiting around, 9% is spent in combat areas, and the remaining 1% actually fighting. But soon it was time to go and embark on the long journey back to our families.

A long drive and a few hours later, we arrived back at school. Ready to tell our amazing experiences to our families, and well, sleep! Because everyone, I’m sure, was ready to pass out at any moment.


My Calendar (Interview Style)

Reporter: “Antonio, what is in your calendar picture?”

Antonio : “My calendar is a picture of something that I really like, and I would enjoy seeing every day – Minecraft. Of course, you all know I’m hooked on Minecraft. It is a picture of the default Minecraft Skin – Steve, mining an unusually large amount of diamond ore with a creeper and a zombie sneaking up behind him.”

Reporter: “A usual Minecraft scene doesn’t look exatly like that. What are the differences?”

Antonio: “Of course, there would never be that many ores in one place. I added more to make my background more interesting. Also Steve is using a stone pickaxe, because that is the closest colour to iron (silver) I could get.”

Reporter: “What made you choose Zombies and Creepers sneaking up behind the miner?”

Antonio: “Zombies and Creepers are iconic to Minecraft. Creepers especially, they are on Minecraft T-Shirts and the pattern to their face is commonly known among users. Zombies, were the first monsters in Pocket Edition, where I first played Minecraft.”

Reporter: “Was there any ideas you cast out for your calendar?”

Antonio: “Not really. At first I thought of doing an animated scene of Steve in diamond armour battling a Creeper or something along those lines. I decided to keep it easy and simple, as I’m certainly not a pro at drawing. I then got the idea of what came to be my finished product. But one thing I did change along the way was adding the zombie in. It was not in the original plan, but there was a lot of room left, with only the Creeper and Steve.”

Reporter: “Final question Antonio, and one I think all our readers are anticipated to hear. What made you want to do your Calendar on Minecraft, and what are some features that resemble you.”

Antonio: “Well first off, how is that a highly anticipated question? I thought that we never metioned anything like this before. Also, I thought nobody reads your blog so how could anyone anticipate it. I mean, they are all on my blog. But seriously, I chose Minecraft because I enjoy Minecraft. I’m on it all the time (almost, not all the time) and it’s fun. Another thing that influenced me to do Minecraft was it seemed nobody else was doing something like my idea.  I wanted my idea to be different and unique.   Something that resembles me is the border.  If any of you noticed, it’s an iPad.  I have one at home, and I use it a lot.  I’m even using it while you interview me.

Reporter:  “Okay Antonio I think that covers every question I have.”

Antonio:   “Okay, I’ll check your paper in a couple of days.”

Reporter:  “Bye”

Antonio:  “Bye”